Tuesday, April 29, 2014


the other day while at work a few of us were talking about travel. where we have been and where we might like to go. it had been slow at work so we'd all been doing some daydreaming. which i LOVE to do, it's one of my favorite pastimes but can also be extremely dangerous because it usually ends up with me telling the mister "i have an idea." this happens to be his most feared phrase uttered from me. my ideas are usually so amazing, he just doesn't get them. oh, i kid y'all.

i know that i have been very lucky and have traveled quite a lot. i've been to Germany twice, Ireland, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and France and all over the US - not 48 States like the mister but still enough to count as "all over." i am not some experienced traveler by any means. you know those people. they have the one backpack and $10 to their name and are able to travel the world for like 6 months alone (i know you can't travel all over the world with only $10 for 6 months, it's called sarcasm.) that traveler is just not me, but boy do i envy them so much. i just can't do it. i've done my time in a 20 person hostel - which was an adventure - but something i can't do at 35. i am someone who has seen more of the world than your average person. so, since that conversation at work, the travel bug has bitten me.

the weekend after tying the knot, the mister and i had spent time with our friends and family who were in town for the wedding. while we were all boozed up we started talking about who we need to visit and where we want to go. for some reason, it felt like we had won the lottery. we were in some kind of hazy high where we felt like we had all this money, so we decided that we were going to travel the world. well, the honeymoon ended, and now that we are still paying off our wedding the realization of our many travel plans aren't realistic. well, right now they aren't. i'm not saying we will never travel again because that would be a lie. the travel bug is being very annoying right now.

our (or my) list of places we would like to go:
Mexico City
New Zealand
back to Paris
Portland, Oregon
some beach resort where all i do is lay on the beach drinking and reading

where in the world would you like to go?

i am a big advocate of travel. i hate it when people talk about how they want to travel but can't. either they don't have the money or lack the time. it's just excuses. the mister and i would rather travel and rack up some credit card debt than stay put and work on paying off credit cards. because let's be honest, we will always have credit card debt. it's a cruel tango of one step forward and two steps back. you just have to realize that life is too short. i would rather have some debt than not see the world because it's a pretty amazing place.

i know it can be hard to travel if you don't have a travel partner. i have always traveled with someone and couldn't imagine traveling without someone - thank you mister. but maybe that should be a goal of mine, to travel once alone. the mister has done it a few times, he is way much cooler then me. [this would be the part of the post where the mister would speak up, insisting that i am the world's worst traveler, and he has the most horrible times traveling with me - that he should have the honor of sainthood bestowed upon him for putting up with me and the misery i bring onto him when we travel.] i don't know why he continues to travel with me?

so let's do this. let's start planning our next trip. fuck money and credit card debt. we've got places to see and people to meet. xoxo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

hello, are you still there?

it's been a while, and i am still here.

are you excited? i'm super stoked.

actually, i have had a very busy 8 months. no i did not have a baby - do you guys even know me? - but i did have a few major events happen that took up a great deal of my time. so instead of trying to come up with some kind of balance in my life, i just freaked the fuck out and ignored this corner of the internet. too much to do and not enough life skills to help me tackle the ever-important ability to balance the many life events that are in one's life. you know, the basic, living kind of stuff.

so you ask, what has happened? the boy and i got hitched. we did it. but a few months before our big day the mister and i decided to spend all our savings - a savings that should have been used on our wedding - and embarked upon a trip to Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels. you know where our priorities lie.

now that things have calmed the fuck down, i've been staring at this blog for some time. just eyes glazed over staring at this blank blogger post page with the cursor just blinking at me, mocking and judging me. it's time to shit or get off the pot, so here i am. and i changed up the design to make it look less like a boy-crazy-thirteen-year-old-girl's blog and more like a fifteen-year-old-girl-who-is-trying-to-be-an-adult's blog.

we'll see where this road leads us. xoxo.