Saturday, September 24, 2011

it's been way to long.

it's been awhile.

a long, long while.

i've been very busy being totally lazy and boring.  ugh.

i have no excuse as to why i haven't posted anything.  i have no followers, so it doesn't matter.  but i really have to practice my writing and that is one of the main reasons as to why i started this in the first place, and i've done nothing about it (story of my life).

one major issue with this blog is that i really don't know what i want this to be.  i don't want to get to personal here but it seems that is how a lot of blogs are.  so i'm at a stand still.

my initial thoughts were to have his blog full of short stories and random thoughts about things, but i now realize that i don't have short stories or random thoughts about things (well i do, but you really don't want to hear them.  trust me).

so i'm just going to give it a go.  we'll see how this thing turns out.  i know i've said this before, i would like to post at least once a week and i haven't done that yet, but i really am going to try and get something up once a week.

thanks. xoxo.