Tuesday, August 9, 2011

laundry. ugh.

i hate doing it.  i could speculate that most people also hate doing laundry.  you would have to be crazy if you like to do it.  if i had to guess, i would say my sister likes to do laundry, but she also likes to clean and is somewhat ocd.  so putting two and two together, ocd people like doing laundry.  i am not a person who has ocd.

my laundry situation sucks.  in all my time living in apartments and renting houses, i've always had a laundry facility on site.  but the house we are renting now does not.  when we i need to do laundry, we i have to lug two hampers to my car and drive to the nearest laundromat.  i hate it.
when we first looked at the house we are renting, my biggest concern was the fact there is no laundry.  but jd didn't think it would be a big deal.  he has this romantic idea about doing laundry at a laundromat.

imagine living in the big city and needing to do your laundry, you call up a friend or drag your neighbor along with you to the laundromat.  you have your little hamper and quarters and detergent.  you do your two or so loads and go across the street to the quaint little coffee shop and sip your latte, read your book and converse with your friend about whatever.  ugh.  this does sound like an awesome laundry experience.  i wouldn't mind having it, but in the real world that doesn't happen.  only in movies that take place in nyc can one have a laundry experience like this.

my laundry experience is no fun.  we usually have pushed laundry back by a week so the hamper is overloaded and someone is out of work clothes or underwear.  the clothes have spilled out and cannot be contained by the closet.  then i have to sort everything.  this takes forever.  i hate sorting the clothes at the laundromat and do this in the bedroom.  after, i have to lug the two hampers to the car in the back of the house.  i'm tired already.  at the laundromat usually you have to fight someone for the machine because they only have a few of the machines that i like.  i'm not a big fan of the front loading laundry machines (and they are more expensive but hold less clothes).  the next part is quick.  my time at the laundromat is not that long, but the experience sucks.  after all the laundry is done i have to fold all the clothes and i hate folding clothes.  i hate it.  i hate folding t shirts and jd has a ton of t shirts.  ugh.

so all of this is done, usually, by myself.  i hate doing laundry.  i have on occasion been so desperate that i've gone to target and purchased underwear or socks or bras, anything, to make it though the day or week.