Wednesday, July 13, 2011


enjoying a mint julep.  the perfect drink on a hot southern summer night.

i have an obsession with the mint julep.  well with anything to do with alcohol.

it all started a few years back when a friend and i took a road trip through the deep south (mississippi, alabama, georgia and south carolina).  during the the trip we hit up a bunch of small southern towns, watched a few movies about small southern towns, and tried to talk as we imagine one does coming from a small southern town, think to kill a mockingbird or midnight in the garden of good and evil or, of course, sweet home alabama.  we used words like, hankerin' and reckon and i declare and genteel and apparition and libation.  needless to say, the trip was alot of fun.

we looked for men in white linen or seersucker suits and decided that everyone we saw was an old time family lawyer.  where everyday was a slow sweet tea kind of day and cocktails began flowing at 3pm.  no one was ever in a hurry and thus my obsession with the mint julep began.  imagine fancy ladies with thick southern accents wearing big outrageous hats and drinking a cold mint julep, the official drink of the kentucky derby.

i do declare, i love the deep south.

mint julep recipe:
bourbon whiskey
mint leaves
simple syrup


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hola. aloha. guten tag. bonjour. hello.

i've been thinking long and hard on what this venture should be like.

it's funny, because when you start a blog on wordpress, the site goes through this set up process on where it suggests to you that you go through all these tutorials on how your blog should look like and be like.  but not on blogger, and thank goodness it doesn't.  maybe that's why cats have blogs and dogs have blogs, and now i too a middle-aged hag (my boyfriend informed me that i am more of a nag) have a blog.

so here it goes, my (probably unsuccessful) foray into the world of blogging.

i will try and have a post weekly, until i know exactly what i'm doing.  that's my goal anyways.  but i'm an uber procrastinator (isn't everyone these days?) so we'll see how things fare.